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        YuHuan HongZhen Machinery Co., Ltd is a shock Absorber company specializing in producing auto shock absorber. Our company located in Yuhuan City, ZheJiang province, China. Our company founded in 2010, it overs 6000m² and has about more than 40 employees. At present, we have more than 2000 models of shock absorber and the annual production capacity is 500,000 piceces. we can provided service to most world famous car brand such as Toyota, Honda, Benze, BMW and so on. And export markets cover Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Afica.Also, we can complete OEM/ODM orders in accordance with our customers specific requirements, design and sample. We have strong technical forces and capacity in develpment of new products especially about Excel-G Hydraulic shock absorbers.

Hot Products

  • Shock Absorber:BS06-28-900


  • Shock Absorber:BR70-34-700E


  • Shock Absorber:96287422


  • Shock Absorber:96226990


  • Shock Absorber:690 320 71 30

    690 320 71 30

  • Shock Absorber:48540-2B310


  • Shock Absorber:48540-1A120


  • Shock Absorber:48530-80003


  • Shock Absorber:48530-2B310


  • Shock Absorber:48530-20490


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